Las Vegas' most iconic strip club!

Cheetahs Gentlemen’s Club, located in Las Vegas, Nevada, was a famous destination for those looking for a night of entertainment and excitement. The strip club, which was open for over 20 years, was known for its beautiful dancers, luxurious atmosphere, and VIP treatment.


One of the main draws of Cheetahs was its large and diverse group of dancers. The club featured a wide range of performers, from local Las Vegas dancers to famous adult film stars, who would take to the stage to entertain the crowds. The dancers were known for their skill and sensuality, and many were considered to be among the best in the industry.


In addition to the dancers, Cheetahs was also known for its luxurious atmosphere. The club was decorated with opulent furnishings and state-of-the-art lighting, creating a high-end and sophisticated vibe. The strip club also featured several VIP areas, where guests could enjoy private dances and bottle service.


Another factor that contributed to Cheetahs’ fame was its VIP treatment. The club’s VIP package, which included limo service, complimentary drinks, and priority seating, was a popular choice among visitors. Additionally, the club’s staff were known for their friendly and attentive service, making guests feel like celebrities.


Despite its popularity, Cheetahs Gentlemen’s Club eventually closed its doors and became The Library Gentlemen’s Club. However, it will always be remembered as a legendary strip club that provided a night of entertainment and excitement for many visitors to Las Vegas. The club’s legacy will live on through the memories of those who had the pleasure of experiencing it.

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  1. Hello my name is Kristin. I was wondering where you apply to work at Cheetahs. If you could email me back that would be great. Thank you.

    1. Did you not read the whole article about halfway through it says it closed down eventually … ????????‍♂️????

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